Mineral Water Treatment System / Ultrafiltration Water Filter
Ultrafiltration(UF) membrane functions as the core part of the whole system to produce mineral water. Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane serves as a molecular sieve. It separates dissolved molecules by passing a solution through an infinitesimally fine filter. The ultrafilter is a tough, thin, selectively permeable membrane that retains most macromolecules above a certain size, including colloids, microorganisms and pyrogens. Smaller molecules, such as solvents and ionized contaminants, are allowed to pass into the filtrate.

What is Ultrafiltration?

Ultrafiltration is used to treat drinking water:it improves the quality and shelf life of the water.Ultrafiltration is using hollow fiber filtering technology, with three levels of pretreatment filtering to remove impurities in the water; ultrafiltration pores less than 0.01 microns, can be completely filtered water, rust, bacteria colloidal and other harmful substances, retain the water on the human body useful trace elements and minerals.

Ultrafiltration principle

Ultrafiltration is a membrane separation technology, i.e., under a certain pressure,made the small molecules of solute and solvent through certain pore size special membrane,super and macromolecular solute impermeable membrane,left side.
Ultrafiltration principle is a membrane separation process principles, ultrafiltration using a pressure activated membrane, in the external driving force ( pressure ) under the effect of colloidal particles in water interception, and the relatively higher molecular weight material, and water and small solute particles through a membrane separation process. Through the membrane surface of the microporous filtering may be cut-off molecular weight of 3×10000 – 1×10000 material. When the water to be treated by external pressure to flow through the membrane surface, the water molecules and the molecular weight of less than 300 – 500 of the solutes through the membrane, rather than a hole of the membrane microparticles, large molecules such as sieving action are retained, thereby allowing the water to be purified. That is to say, as the water passes through the membrane, the water containing colloidal silica to remove most, at the same time can remove large amounts of organic matter.


Flow of the mineral water treatment equipment

Design: from the entrance to the installation of water purification water purification equipment exports
Configuration of the System
Water pre-treatment system: Quartz sand filters, Activated carbon filters, Precision filters;Chemical dosing machine.
Main filtration system: Consists by hollow ultra filtration device
Supporting of the mineral water treatment systems: The electrical control system.
Water treatment system installed on the basic requirements of the external
Supply & Drain system:Supply auxiliary equipment to the water treatment room, water pressure ≥0.2 Mpa, water usage: 4M3 / h, there should be room to leakage and drainage gutter.
Electronic Supply:Water treatment rooms set up within the distribution box, the total power capacity of 1 KW;